Portals as access to one truth

Your organization wants to record information, data, and data in a structured way in logically related groups of data (databases) of and about the objects, assets, and real estate. Depending on the use by the administrator, advisor, supervisor, purchaser, manager, your organization needs specific role-specific access (rights) to this information, no more and no less.

Information and data

Information and data are recorded in large and dynamic data collections of and about the buildings, artworks, ground (GEO) vehicles, keys (access) and so on.



Efficient and effective business operations

The result is being able to work together on (one source for) objects, assets, and real estate, with all the necessary information regarding planning, execution of tasks and matters, statuses and documents and the integration of the projects and regular processes You want to have every desired report (BI) in cross-sections that are logical for you.