Industry or proprietary software?

Does your industry or company work with specific solutions? Then we can integrate the data generated with this within GoverMaxx. Where necessary, we develop links to meet this need.

Already using Active Directory, Microsoft 365 or Outlook?

We integrate all common business solutions within GoverMaxx. You can continue to rely on standard software and still enjoy one integrated environment.

Email plugin Office

The email plugin for Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint offers the possibility to schedule calendar appointments immediately and integrate them with Microsoft Teams. Managing your emails becomes easier. Dragging and saving emails in the case, and composing and sending emails is simplified by this seamless integration. Where you can also standardize email templates to send the same quality of emails company wide.

Document creation

Document creation automates company-wide communication based on your corporate identity. These document templates can be used from the GoverMaxx platform. It has never been easier to create high-quality documents quickly and qualitatively and collaborate virtually on cases and documents.

Azure Active Directory

Azure AD is a standard service within the Microsoft platform that gives you the ability to protect and manage your business from one universal platform. With this connector you connect different workflows, allowing you to seamlessly synchronize all IT accounts, employee, groups and access data to and from your Governance environment. This gives your employees the right access to all your company information.

Collaboration with IbanXS

Proud of the collaboration between Split~Vision and IbanXS.

Through the collaboration with IbanXS, our Finance Module within the GoverMaxx platform can now realize financial links with more than 2000 banks within Europe. Safe, simple and in accordance with the latest international standards.