Clear language and terminology within your organisation

A uniform way of working is essential for the correct processing of data and information. Common terminology within your organisation forms the basis for designing your solution within the GoverMaxx platform. In addition to the core use of one truth, task management and case-oriented working also require necessary organisational changes.


Case management

Digital file management and targeted case management (integrated case system) allow you to collaborate integrally on projects, processes, tasks and documents, among other things.




Employees, managers and customers can find all desired information within the GoverMaxx platform. Files are easy to find by working in an unambiguous way. Through an integrated use of the platform with all the different modules, the sharing of data, documents and tasks becomes simple, clear and controllable.

Unambiguous business operations

The use of the GoverMaxx platform unburdens your organisation. The execution of tasks is made easy by the fact that the management of projects and processes is presented clearly and uniformly for all employees in the employee portal. All relevant business information can now easily be processed in the same way. It is available in the language and terminology of the organisation and its employees.