Corporate Relation Management (CRM)

Not only customers are central to the CRM, but also employees, suppliers and other relations. Through a 360-degree customer view, see at a glance what is going on and how the service can be optimised.


Targeted CRM solution

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Customer Contact Centre

Find all customer information in one environment. In the customer contact centre, it is easy to see what is going on at the customer level. The data processed in the CRM module is relevant and accessible to multiple target groups.



The customer is always central

Availability and reliability are important. It is therefore important to enter all customer information in a well-organised manner so that the CRM module can be central to all communication and information channels of your organisation.



View customer contacts

By having all your customer information available in one environment, your employees are easily relieved. Via the GoverMaxx platform, the customer contacts become available centrally.

Customer portal

The customer portal allows you to serve your customers online anytime, anywhere.