Structure and safeguard source data and information

With Information Governance, you can record all agreements, processes, roles, tasks and responsibilities and language conventions and manage them centrally from the Governance Controller. As an integral part of the GoverMaxx Platform, this Governance Controller forms the management environment in which unambiguous storage of information is guaranteed in a simple manner. In this way, roles, tasks and responsibilities are safeguarded within your organisation.

Is there a discussion about Information Governance within your organisation?

By securing Information Governance in one go, the management of information will no longer be a source of discussion.

Integrate SharePoint and Microsoft 365

The administration environment is fully integrated with SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Administrators can add sites, lists, libraries, content types and other functions. This also ensures uniformity and quality of information in these environments.

Roles and tasks

Do you organise information management on the basis of the roles and tasks of your organisation? Do you organise and manage your information in one central management environment? Identify rules and language as part of your information management strategy.

Implement changes

Easily manage your Office365 and SharePoint environments in one management and administration environment. This way, business and IT are fully integrated.

Think how function administrators manage sites, lists, libraries, content types and many other components that they usually add and manage manually in a Microsoft environment.

Implement changes easily and automatically via our Governance Controller and save up to 70% of your time. In addition, uniformity and quality will be improved immediately.