All information in one integrated solution

Organisations still often store information in many ways and systems. Result: Information is stored elsewhere because everyone knows its truth. Document versions are not synchronised and decisions are taken based on incomplete and possibly incorrect or outdated information.

Does your organisation have access to all reliable information?

Can you rely on information from information systems? Avoid unnecessary (double) operations and opt for certainty through effective information management.

Communication from IT to Business to Information Management

Everything starts with proper assurance of source data and information. Roles, tasks and responsibilities create the need for the right management information to achieve business objectives. To this end, it is important to store metadata from specific sources centrally and to manage it from there. This requires data to be well-structured and translated correctly. Your IT environment should support your business in an optimal way. At Split~Vision business is the focus and IT is the supporting tool.

Information perspectives

Every employee and organisation sees the (information) environment from their own perspective. This is how we communicate and share information.

The perspective is generally the same for all organisations, but it can also be flexibly adapted to a concrete different situation. This modification is entirely dependent on the terminology and language conventions used by the organisation.

It applies integrally to the information and data that employees need to be able to carry out their functions, roles and responsibilities properly. Consistency of information and communication that fits your organisation perfectly.