Keep a close eye on the progress of projects

Do plans and reality still match? Record the status and KPIs of multiple projects simultaneously with one dashboard. The integrated overview shows the coherence of the project in relation to the predefined goals.

How do you track the progress of multiple, complex projects?

Consolidate the status of all ongoing projects in one clear overview. Check progress and make adjustments if necessary.

Keep a tight budget and focus on your milestones

If things do not go as planned, check the status of your project in a real-time environment and take immediate action. Check how much budget you have left. Use the project dashboard to intervene before overruns can cause problems. Transform complex projects into achievable milestones and deliverables using the Project Breakdown Structure (PBS).



Project progress dashboard

Insight into the progress of multiple projects.

Project status

Up-to-date and always insight into the status per project.

Project summary

All projects briefly summarized with the most important KPIs in one integral dashboard.



Project budgets

Real-time information about the financial status of a project and associated project budget.



Product Breakdown Structure

A Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) per project with deliverables.